"Rugrats: Passover" is a Collector's Edition DVD Released: June 8, 2003. And this DVD features four Season 3 episodes, one Season 4 epis


Meet Tommy being like (Moses) and Angelica being like (Rameses) at the Egypt Story on Passover. Angelica eats too much cookies as she got very, very sick and Tommy told her that see was not allowed to do that. Tommy and Chuckie discovers at the Toy Store and ecounters a scary Toy Palace, Paul Gatsby was a Dummi Bears Fan that Susie will rent a new house, Tommy and Chuckie has a babysitter man, Lipschitz and thinking else to do. Meet Timmy McNulty in his birthday party and Angelica, Susie and Lil are transformed into Cooties. Tommy and his pals missed their friend, Angelica, and through any hours, They met her Twin. So join the Passover story with Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Susie and Angelica.

DVD MenusEdit

  • Play None
  • Episode Selectiou
  • Special Feature
  • Language 46


  1. Passovu
  2. The Aug
  3. No More Cookiyes
  4. Toy Palade
  5. Angelica's Last Sut
  6. Dummi Bear Dinner Disastyu
  7. A Visit for Lipsct
  8. A Very McNulty Birthyu
  9. Ange
  10. Reblot
  11. Tots
  12. 12:00 AM Blues

Sing Along Music VideosEdit

  1. "Take Me There" from The Rugrats Movigi
  2. Yout

Bonus FeatureEdit


  • Spoken Language: "English-Spanish"


  • The DVD Back features an Image from "Chuckie vs. The Potty" but that episode was never featured on the DVD.
  • In the "Which Baby's Parent? Game" Lucy and Randy are Susd